Board of Directors

Dr. Susan McWhirter

Dr. Susan McWhirter

RIVERTOWN PEDIATRICS, Pediatrics Specialist

EDUCATION: University of Maryland (BS Zoology), Emory University School of Medicine (MD)

Dr. Susan McWhirter has been involved in educating families on the importance of literacy since her days as a Pediatric Resident at Emory University. She is already involved in several projects in her community promoting access to books for children starting at birth. Dr. McWhirter has been previous Chief of the Medical Staff at what is now Piedmont Columbus Regional Hospital and currently serves on its Board. She is also a Board Member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Georgia Chapter.


    • President/CEO
      Davida Morgan Washington 


          • Senior Director of Finance
            David Cauble

             David Cauble

          • Development and Communications Manager

          • Program Manager
            Michelle Maddox 

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          • Operations Coordinator
             Leslie Vestal 

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          • Enrollment Coordinator/Office Manager
            Tonia Scheff

            Tonia S

          • Regional Program Coordinator (SW Georgia)
            Edwina Turner 

            Edwina T

          • Program and Impact Coordinator/RPC (SE Georgia)
            Melissa Silva 

            Melissa S

          • Community Engagement Coordinator(Dallas, TX)
            Cheryl Scramuzza 

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          • Administrative Assistant Publications
            Olivia Ramfos 

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          • Database Management
            Glenda Cofer 


          • Community Engagement Coordinator (Atlanta, GA)/Grants Coordinator
            Jervonia Melton 

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