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                                                                                     Building a Foundation for Reading

To strengthen our parent engagement focus, Ferst Readers has developed a three-session workshop for families with children birth to three years old. Click here to register online to obtain all the program materials for FREE

There are three sessions - each focuses on a critical component to language development:

                                         DSC5442                    mom and child                    Ferst Readers Press Release photo2                                                             Session 1 - Respond to Me                                    Session 2 - Talk with Me                                        Session 3 - Read with Me

There are two parts to this literacy program: the Program Guide and the PowerPoint Presentation. Both components are available to download once you complete the online registration. Click here for this step-by-step guide to teaching parents how to help prepare their children for school. 

This Family Literacy Initiative was created in partnership with Ferst Readers, Morgan County Schools Early Learning and the Rollins Center for Language and Literacy. 




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Ensuring that children develop early literacy skills is one of the most important things we can do - as parents, as teachers - and as a society.

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