Tips for Parents


Ferst Readers proudly partners with the Rollins Center for Language & Learning at the Atlanta Speech School to maximize the benefits of its early literacy program using research-based strategies to foster the language and literacy skills of young children.

In just four minutes, by watching the READ video below, you can learn what you can do to make books come alive for your child and increase his/her learning: Repeat Books, Engage and Enjoy, Ask Questions, and Do More.

A two-page coaching sheet recaps the four steps, and provides more information on the research that is the basis for the READ strategy. Click here for coaching sheet (PDF).


How to READ with Your Child

This video is narrated by Justin Cook, a 2010 graduate of the Atlanta Speech School’s Wardlaw School.


Build Your Child’s Brain - Everyday Activities

Talk With Me Baby Language is just as important for your baby’s brain growth and development as food is for his body. The following two videos show why talking, reading, and singing with your young children, especially from birth until three years of age, are so important for later academic success. Whether it’s mealtime, bath time, or anytime in between, here are a few ways to help build your child’s brain. To turn all of your everyday routines into brain-building activities for your child, download the Vroom app to your mobile device or visit joinvroom.org




Additional Resources

Check out the Get Ready to Read! program at www.getreadytoread.org for additional early literacy and learning tips for children of all ages. They offer newsletters, videos, tool kits, and other useful resources for parents.

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